Empowering Underprivileged and Vulnerable Children to reach their full potential


PAGE INDIA INITIATIVE underpins Social Revolution, to efficiently train underprivileged students and then connect them to the resources available by structuring the power structure. We need systems where everyone can get in. Take unemployment, for example; by simply challenging the idea of a conventional job center and prizing connections and relationships over endless fruitless applications, we want to design a scheme to help people  find work through digital platforms by learning only the required skills, which one wants to. For us, the solutions always lie in reframing the problem, creating communities, and investing in relationships.


We are a team with the goal of getting those who have long been out of education and further helping them to get employment, hence making a tangible difference to their lives.


Your small contribution will support us to leave a rapid and permanent impact on the lives of many, by either providing your precious time or donating your hard-earned money.


Your involvement of as little as five minutes of interaction can also brighten someone’s life. All you need is to understand how significant it can be.



When the going gets tough, the tough get going but we can be tough only with your support. We believe that miracles happen when we are together. So, be a teacher/mentor/guide in our Miracle Village and provide any skill set you feel capable of providing.


Our students need various resources through which we can train them, so contributing various resources such as Mobile, Data Pack, Books, Classroom Space, etc., you are directly contributing to Heartbeat.


You can denote any amount you wish, indeed there is no more powerful way to support the children we serve than by becoming a monthly contributor. Your charitable giving month after month keeps us going.


Two fundamental truths exist for marketing. One is that a great product alone is not enough to succeed. The other is that no amount of marketing will make a crap product gain a mass audience. So, we welcome you to become our legacy partner to make our idea travel as far as possible.


With the help of our dedicated teachers, we’re changing the trajectories of students who lack the privilege to acquire and excel in sought-after skills such as Coding, App Development, English Language proficiency, Sewing (with a focus on girls), Beauty and Aesthetic Science, Mobile Repair, Sales-oriented Business Development, Academic subjects like Mathematics & Science, Electronics, Plumbing, Photography/Videography/Video Editing, and Fundamental Computer and Communication Skills, among others. Not only do we impart these valuable skills to our students free of charge, but we also equip them to enter the present-day competitive job market with confidence.

Prevent Children from Entering the System

The crisis will never end until we stop it at the source. This means: Identifying vulnerable families long before the idea of child labor is necessary. 

Transition Children from Orphanages to Families

It’s time to make families with whoever joins us, and we have a proven field-tested method to make sure this is done safely, just providing a skill set is not our motto. Help us bring them home.

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Connecting Children with Indian Govt. Care System

Reports, Services, Agencies, Regulations – The connections can be frustrating to manage our families, but our system is changing that all.

A family for every child in our lifetime

We understand that the optimal environment for a child is within a caring family where they can flourish. That’s why all our endeavors as a children’s charity are directed towards achieving this objective.

Our aim is to replace the conditions of slums with family environments for every child yearning for a home. We are convinced that by working together, we can revolutionize the way we provide care for children, ensuring they are placed in stable, affectionate, and supportive settings.

Thanks to your support, we are witnessing the adoption of our approach in the IT sector in India, fostering the well-being of many. We place great value on partnerships, and with the generous contributions from individuals like yourself, we can turn the dream of a family into a reality for these children.

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